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Assigned Certifier Services in Ireland

As one of the leading independent third-party Assigned Certifiers in Ireland, with offices in Dublin and Cork, we can take charge of the BCAR process. The Assigned Certifier is the registered professional appointed to be responsible for overseeing the inspections and certification process in Ireland.

We engender a culture of compliance within the team and are always ready to offer expert advice and guidance. Our system is not overly complex and is driven by client needs.

Following the guidelines in the Code of Practice, we operate a standard suite of documents, utilise a bespoke software application and together with our robust quality assurance procedures, we provide a proactive and pragmatic approach to compliance.

Working across all sectors we ensure a timely delivery of the completed project, prompt certification of completion and inclusion of the building on the register to allow occupation. We can also offer design certifier and compliance consultant roles to offer targeted compliance solutions for every project.