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Urban Health and Wellbeing: Welcome to the new Urban Insight theme

How can we transform our urban living spaces for the better? In 2021, Sweco will focus the Urban Insight program on Urban Health and Wellbeing. Covid-19 has shown us that there are still many health challenges facing society today.

There are three key areas to raising the overall health in urban societies: sustainable mobility, healthy cities and buildings and secure water systems. Sweco experts examine our past and present to image a near future in which cities are hubs of health and happiness.

“It takes insight, bravery and dedication to together transform a society.” – Isabelle Putseys, Urban Insight Expert Leader

During the year, experts across Europe explore the concept of “the city as a vaccine” and highlight how health and the climate crisis can be tackled or mitigated by engineering and design practice.

For more information on Urban Insight: www.swecourbaninsight.com